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Quarantine period shortening notice for students overseas2021-11-03
COVID-19 Vaccination for Foreign Residents Aged 18 to 492021-08-09
COVID19 Safety and Quarantine Guidelines for International Students(various language)2021-06-01
National Health Insurance For International Students2021-03-22
A guide to sign up for NAVER BAND of KLEC2021-01-29
Myongji University KLEC Booklet_2021~20222021-01-18
Upon Arrival in Korea and 14 days quarantine2021-01-11
1[Yongin]Welcome note for new comer of Winter semester, 2021  new2021-11-29
2[11/29]Online orientation zoom notice for winter semester new comer, 20212021-11-22
3Placement Test(Speaking) for Winter Semester New Comer, 20212021-11-19
4Schedule for new comer of Winter semester, 20212021-10-20
5[Must Read]Tuition payment guidance for new comer2021-10-20
6Winter semester application period for new comer(D-2 visa holder only)2021-10-19
7Tuition payment and supplementary document submission deadline notice2021-10-13
8Office closed during Chuseok holiday2021-09-17
9Foreign residents in Korea are asked to follow COVID rules during Chuseok holiday2021-09-17
10Welcome note for new comer of Fall semester, 20212021-08-30
11Information on how to prove Covid19 Vaccination2021-08-24
12Vaccination guide for foreign nationals in Korea2021-08-24
13Summer Break Recess2021-07-30
14Upon arrival in Korea and 14 days quarantine notice for Fall semester new comer, 20212021-07-30
15[KLEC] Fall Semester country entry date and quarantine/housing notice2021-07-19
16How to find admission result for Fall semester, 20212021-07-14
172021_ Medical Insurance for Foreign Studennnnts2021-06-10
18Alien Registration Application for 2021 Summer Semester New Comer Notice2021-06-10
19New Comer Notice for Summer Semester, 20212021-06-08
202021 Fall Semester Admission guide for Undergraduate School2021-04-20
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