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Subject Summer semester apply notice,2023
Author 관리자 Creation date 2023-02-28
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Summer semester new comer registration will be started from 9th ~ 31st March, 2023.

To register please find the attached " How to complete online application for KLEC MJU" first.


▶ Online registration url:

▶ Admission guide url:



If you have been admitted, you can find "Acceptance Letter(Tuition Invoice)" print button after 2 weeks from the last day of registrationPlease find Step 8 from the attachment.



Q1. Can I apply for in-campus dormitory?

A1. After university course has transferred to face-to-face class, many degree program students came back to dormitory. Now all the room is full. 


Q2. When can I know the result?

A2. Please re-login to online application and find your result after 2 weeks from the registration deadline.


Q3. Until when should I wire the tuition? 

A3. You can find the payment deadline on Acceptance Letter(Tuition Invoice).


Q4. I need the acceptance letter in advance in order to apply for my passport.

A4. For passport issuance purpose, we can issue the acceptance letter in advance. However, all the required documents need to be submitted.


Q5. When can I receive visa documents?

A5. We will send the visa apply documents(admission letter, etc) to your personal e-mail after the tuition payment deadline.

Q6. Until when should I arrive Korea?

Q6. To participate face-to-face orientation, please arrive before O.T.

   ※ Orientation schedule:


Q7. What do we do on Orientation day?

A7. Apply residence card, set up Korea bank account, how to find your class and class room, distribution of welcome gift, etc.