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No. Title Date
Myongji University KLEC Booklet_2022~20232022-03-25
A guide to sign up for NAVER BAND of KLEC2021-01-29
1◎ 2023 Spring Semester Seoul Campus Korean Language Education Center Classroom2023-03-06
2Summer semester apply notice,20232023-02-28
3Online class mandatory participation for Spring new comer, who arrive after the course start2023-02-28
4Orientation for Spring New comer, 20232023-02-22
5Placement Test(Speaking) for Spring Semester New Comer, 20232023-02-16
6Spring Semester applicant February schedule2023-02-01
7Spring Semester KLEC apply for D-2 visa holder NEW comer (MJU student)2022-12-26
8Notice for spring semester admission schedule(January,2023)2022-12-13
9Spring semester apply notice,20232022-12-06
10Orientation for Winter new comer,20222022-11-29
112022 Winter Semester New Comer Notice, KLEC MJU2022-11-09
12Winter semester registration guide for D-2 visa holder2022-10-26
132nd period for Winter semester new comer registration guide, 20222022-10-06
14[off-campus notice] The 22th Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival2022-09-14
15[off-campus notice] 2022 International Youth Quiz competition2022-09-14
162022 가을학기 서울캠퍼스 한국어교육센터 분반2022-09-05
17Winter semester registration guide for new comer, 20222022-08-30
18Orientation Notice for Fall Semester New Comer, 20222022-08-23
19Placement Test(Speaking) for Fall Semester New Comer, 20222022-08-17
20The Office of KLEC Closed Notice for Summer Holiday(2022.08.01~2022.08.05)2022-07-28
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